April Fool’s joke? Shah Rukh Khan in Dubai underwater resort

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April Fool’s joke? Shah Rukh Khan in Dubai underwater resort

Only, the resort in question does not exist as yet

Indian media is abuzz that Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan has booked a huge share of one of the most lavish resorts in Dubai.

It is reported that SRK plans to shoot his next, ‘Happy New Year’ in an underwater resort (which has not been named) in August.

The Indian press got a whiff that the underwater resort has been booked for more than a month. Fine details have emerged regarding the shoot which is apparently part of an important sequence in the film.

That’s a very grand plan indeed, but where is the underwater resort?

Discus Hotel


Dubai is yet to build its ambitious underwater resort. Plans for the underwater hotel project being developed by the shipbuilding arm of Dubai World have moved a step closer after it was announced that a prototype for the unit will start construction this year in Poland.

Construction of Water Discus Hotel Prototype starts in 2013 will be the first of its kind in the world. A press release states that a Swiss contractor will develop the World Discus Hotel, which is partly submerged under the sea.

Farah Khan directorial ‘Happy New Year’ has five leading men and one female lead. Apparently many locations have been finalised for different shooting schedules. One destination is Dubai.

Shah Rukh Khan may not have the pleasure of shooting in an underwater resort yet but he still has option to capture the aquatic world in Neptune and Poseidon suit at the Atlantis hotel.

The elegant aquatic-themed accommodation has a bedroom and bathroom which provides view of 65,000 marine animals.

Neptune and Poseidon suit1 (1)

The view from the bedroom and bathroom is superlative. It has a floor to ceiling glass window view into Ambassador Lagoon of the aquatic world.

The Ambassador Lagoon captivates the dramatic ancient ruins of the mythical lost city and its 65,000 marine inhabitants.

Neptune and Poseidon suit2

Neptune and Poseidon suit3


So while Shah Rukh relaxes in a bath tub or unwinds on his bed, he can watch a giant manta rays float slowly by or sharks linger around for a meaty role.

If not a sub-merged bedroom or bathroom like the Poseidon suit, how about an underwater dinning area for SRK and team? He won’t mind romancing his lady in this one.



Walking into the dining room at Ossiano feels like stepping into a fairytale. This low-lit dining room is flanked by Atlantis’ behemoth aquarium.

The floor-to-ceiling tank hosts over 65,000 marine animals. So in a romantic sequence while SRK and his heroine devour the fish on their plate they can see its relatives swimming away happy not to be part of their menu.

Source: E 24/7

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