This calf was born with five mouths and 10 lips in North India

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This could be a great example of a mutant calf however, according to reports, the calf Nandi born in Narnaul, northern India has no other anomalies besides its five mouths and ten lips.

He is being fed three times a day at the dairy farm where he was born. According to Daily Mail, from the neck down the baby, who has been called Nandi, looks like any other calf.

Local vet Sukhbir Singh said that despite Nandi’s appearance, he is healthy and thriving. But the calf’s two eyes are positioned in such a way on his distorted head that he can only see to his sides and can’t look in front of him. One eye is blue and the other black.

Since cows are considered holy, locals have been visiting the animal and touching its feet.

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