Coconut oil is key to Chitrangada’s healthy locks

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Mumbai: Bollywood actress Chitrangada Singh relies on coconut hair oil for her lustrous locks. She likes to nourish them, especially when the weather gets all muggy.

The actress has been following this regime since her childhood days

“A good hair-care regime is extremely important for any girl. Especially considering the monsoon season, hair demands extra care and attention. Coconut-based hair oil gives my hair deep conditioning and nourishment to survive the weather condition as well as the usage of umpteen number of products that I have to use,” Chitrangada told IANS in an email interview.

The actress has been following this regime since her childhood days

As she belongs to the glamour industry, Chitrangada’s hair is exposed to various hair styling products and treatments. The “Hazaaron Khwaishen Aisi” star enjoys different looks, but feels that they make it even more important for her to nourish her tresses well.

“Being an actress my hair goes through so many treatments, different products get used for different looks. While I enjoy doing all this to my hair, I ensure to regularly condition my hair with coconut-based hair oil. I strongly believe that as long as beautiful hair is in vogue, oiling will always stay in fashion,” she said.

The actress has been following this regime since her childhood days.

“During my childhood, I remember how my mother used to take special care of my hair and made sure to condition it with coconut hair oil. This is one practice I have incorporated in my regime,” said the 37-year-old, who had recently launched Aparna Santhanam’s book “Let’s Talk Hair” in association with Parachute Advansed Knowledge Center here.

Other than regular oiling, Chitrangada likes to keep her mane clean.

“You have to keep your hair a lot more clean during the monsoon as humidity and dampness lead to unhealthy and lifeless hair. Use a light shampoo thrice a week and towel dry post that,” she said.

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