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    How many days or weeks does it take to loose weight by doing water therapy?

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    Dr. Raj Kishore Prasad

    I am taking four glasses of water early morning and feel lot of freshness after about two hours. It’s urination after taking water removes most of the undesirable elements from body

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    I can’t drink more than 2cup of water coz after 2 cups it wiil comes out .plz help out …

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    aster jaleta

    i am the one benegited by drinking water that is good

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      I have been practising water therapy but no result yet. Really did you have benefits please share wit me too.



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    Iam realy interested in water therapy,and i want to start it tomorrow.

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    dr nitin m.sure

    it is useful. i drink 1.25 ltrs at morning daily,i am a voluntarily retired ayush medical officer of 53.i studied, observed various articals in this subject.i am kannadiga from gulbarga.

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    hello.I’m a Medicine student.I do proposal on water therapy and need to references original this article.help to me,please.thanks

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    Dhaval Shah

    Yups , i truely agree to you. I also do have a habit to have a glass of water as i wake up in the morning. Thank you for sharing this article with us.

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