Baby dies after falling on Sharjah airport escalator

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5363107505-month old Pakistani boy fell from mum’s hands while she was heading for her flight

A five-month-old Pakistani boy died after falling off his mother’s hands and landing on the escalator at Sharjah airport while she was heading for the plane.

The accident occurred after midnight on Monday as the Pakistani mother climbed the 20-foot escalator towards the flight lobby while she was carrying her baby and baggage.

“She has just finished departure procedures and headed for the plane, using the escalator,” Emarat Alyoum Arabic language daily said, quoting Ali Salim Al Madfa, director general of the Sharjah airport authority.

“She was carrying her son, Mohammed, and her baggage…she suddenly lost her balance and the baby fell off her hands…….he was taken to the intensive care unit at the airport clinic before he was rushed to Al Qassimi hospital, where he died around 6.00 am after suffering head injuries.”

Source- Emirates 247

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