Dh164m corridor for trucks in Dubai

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Road to come up between Emirates Road and Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road.

A sum of Dh164 million will be spent on constructing a new corridor between Emirates Road and Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, to allow goods to be ferried around by trucks more easily within Dubai.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced on Saturday that it had awarded the contract for the new Lihbab Road or Al Yalayes Road, work on which was due to begin as early as this month and expected to last for 18 months.

The project will see a dual carriageway built, with four lanes in each direction, stretching as far as nine kilometres, RTA executive director Mattar Al Tayer said. It would also include a ‘directional bridge’ which would allow vehicles to make left turns from Jebel Ali Port toward Emirates Road in the northern direction.

“The project also comprises the construction of two roundabouts — the first at the intersection of Al Yalayes Road with the Academic City Road, and the other at the intersection of the entry of the Golf Estates and the Dubai Investment Park. These roundabouts have been designed in such a way as to allow for the construction of flyovers without having to make traffic diversions in future,” Al Tayer said.

Al Yalayes Road is considered one of the key corridors of roads network in the Dubai Emirate, he said. Classified as a highway linking three key traffic corridors (Shaikh Zayed Road, Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, and Emirates Road), the project provides an auxiliary traffic corridor to support the movement of goods within the Emirate of Dubai, and ease the movement of trucks on the Shaikh Zayed Road and the Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road.

“The construction of this project will have a key role in alleviating traffic congestion and shortening the transit time from and to several property development projects such as the Dubai Investment Park, Golf Estates and Emaar’s Al-Lisaili project,” he said.

“The engineering design of the project addressed the provision of entry and exit points that provide utmost safety for road users in general and visitors of these districts in particular as the U-turns and disorderly turns will be eliminated in the entire neighbourhood. The new road would link Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road (at the Al Houdh roundabout) with Emirates Road providing a vital road linking the traffic movement from Jebel Ali Port towards the Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed and Emirates Roads.

The RTA earlier this year opened a flyover on Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road above the Al Houdh roundabout, comprising five lanes, “three linking Al Yalayes Road (inbound from Jebel Ali to the Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road in the direction of Dubai), and a two-lane ramp extending around 2.5 kilometres serving Abu Dhabi-outbound traffic in the direction of the Emirates Road. ”

Al Tayer said the project was a ‘key part’ of two important RTA projects that were recently accomplished at a total cost of more than Dh1.5 billion.

The projects are the second phase of widening and improving the Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road Project in the sector extending from the Arabian Ranches Interchange up to the Al Houdh roundabout, and Al Khail Road Improvement Project (Al Khail Road, Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road: Interchange 19).

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