Mr.Kavi Bhandary – Elected as the Production Director across the GCC region

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kavi bandary

Mr kavi bhandary who for the past one year working as the production manager in memac Ogilvy & mather has been elevated as the production director handling additional responsibilities across the GCC region.

Mr kavi bhandary a go getter with dynamic vision has over two decades of experience in the print production industry spanning across advertising agencies like M&C Saatchi,leo burnett& Ogilvy & mather to global print management companies like Inner workings alongwith repro industry like Gulf scan.

His consistent pursuance has helped clients like Philip morris,Kellogs,Coke,Diageo,Reckit Benckiser,Sirrocco with their brands to effectively deliver communication and business objectives .

His personal endevour to always be one step ahead in terms of innovation,scouting for newer trends has benefitted clients with million dollar production collaterals.

Apart from his love towards the ever evolving print industry he also shares his love towards music & bollywood movies which reaffirms his stand towards human resource management.

As he firmly beleives it is the human behind the machines who excels & gives outstanding results.

Incase you need more info i have also put the link towards my Linkedin which has more detailed info

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