Motorist committed 12 offences on Dubai roads in 5 minutes

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Dangerous driver arrested, car impounded and licence taken

A young Emirati driver committed 12 dangerous offences on Dubai roads, including jumping the red light, as he was chased by traffic police patrols through the streets before he was arrested and his four-wheel car seized.

The emirate’s traffic police chief Major General Mohammed Al Zafin said the driver posed a “director threat” to all road users as he jumped the red light at a speed of more than 140 kph on a road where the maximum speed limit is set at 80 km.

He said the driver refused to heed police calls to stop, drove fast in the opposite direction on some roads, turned his vehicle lights off while trying to escape police patrols at night and jumped some intersections without consideration to other cars.

He said the driver already had a record at the traffic police for his reckless driving and participation in dangerous car races in the country.

“He committed 12 offences in just five minutes. Every offence was so dangerous that it could have caused a disaster on the road,” Zafin told Emirat Alyoum daily.

“The driver has been arrested and his car impounded. His licence has been taken off so he will not drive again. We will not tolerate such dangerous actions on roads.Wwe have managed to curb stunt driving by some reckless young men but we still see individual behaviors, which we are trying to end.

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