UAE traffic update:Smooth sailing for Dubai residents with schools on summer break

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Smooth sailing for Dubai residents with schools on summer break

Even as Dubai residents expressed joy at the ‘stress-free’ drive during the Sunday morning commute, with most schools closed for the long summer break, the drive to the capital did elicit a few frustrated tweets.

Abu Dhabi Police has reported on traffic congestion near Ghantoot, with the governing body giving details on its official Twitter account around 7.50am, saying: “Traffic congestion and delays before Ghantoot Bridge, outbound from Abu Dhabi.”

Traffic congestion reports have also highlighted Sharjah Ring Road and Mohammed bin Zayed Road as ‘sticky, but flowing commute’.
However, no accidents or congestions have been reported on Dubai’s main artery, Sheikh Zayed Road.

While many residents are claiming the closure of schools for the holidays is the main reason, one resident tweeted the same, writing: “Dear UAE, please can the schools never reopen again after summer holidays? The roads are bliss. Thankyou.”

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