Salman Khan and John Abraham to clash again

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Both Salman Khan and John Abraham have their eyes set on wrestler Gama Pehalwan and are producing films on his life. Interestingly, both parties claim they were unaware of each other’s plans

Salman Khan and John Abraham have both set their eyes on producing a film on Gama Pehelwan (1880 – 1963), billed as the greatest wrestler of his time. Puneet Issar, who had directed Sallu in the 2004 film ‘Garv’, will be directing the actor’s production. Meanwhile, John has asked Parmeet Sethi to direct his film.

Interestingly, both parties claim that they were unaware of each other’s plans. Puneet Issar says, “I have been working on the subject for five years. I registered the script in 2011 with the Film Writers Association. Even the titles Gama, The Great Gama, Rustam-e-Gama, Pehelwan and Great Gama are with us.”

On the other hand, Sheel Kumar, John’s producer partner, said that they have also registered titles for the film. Parmeet said that he was shocked to hear about Salman making a film on the same subject. “I have been working on the subject for three years and the film will soon go on the floors. The titles that we have registered are The Great Gama and Rustam-e-Hind Gama. I don’t understand how two producers can register the same title.”

While John will play Gama’s role in his home production, Sohail Khan will play the lead in Sallu’s film. Puneet says, “Salman suggested Sohail’s name and he has been getting in shape for the last one year. We even have the support of the All India Wrestling Federation. We will be shooting in Patiala.”

In the past…

Salman and John had a fallout after the ‘Rockstar’ stage shows in 2006. Apparently, Sallu had suggested that actors should take a pay cut in lieu of the poor collections and John had refused to do, thus upsetting Khan. The two made up when John made an appearance on Khan’s TV show, ‘Bigg Boss’, in 2011 while promoting his film ‘Desi Boyz’.

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