Bigg Boss: Armaan yells at Sofia while she pushes him back

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Mumbai: Day 79’s introduction of the luxury budget task has pretty much changed the equation amongst all contestants inside the Bigg Boss house. As the task continues into Day 80, a lot of tension has been created with contestants having to manufacture toys throughout the night. Further, the lack of raw materials has also become a cause of much angst amongst the contestants. In the midst of it all, Sofia’s team remains aggravated because Armaan’s team has managed to nab the biggest quantity of raw materials.

back at him

As morning trickles in, Ajaz is seen talking to the camera about Tanishaa’s misbehaviour during the task and goes on to pass some personal remarks about her. Soon after, a fight breaks out between Armaan and Kushal with regard to the raw materials and manufacturing tactics. Annoyed with each other, both contestants move their arguments beyond the task and speak ill about their personal lives.

In an attempt to slow down Armaan’s production line, Ajaz tosses one of the cotton bags outside the house. Getting irritated by the cheap tactics, Armaan gets involved in an argument with Ajaz who coolly calls it his team’s winning strategy. To make Armaan’s team suffer some more, Kushal asks Sofia to follow Ajaz’s lead and throw one more bag of cotton outside the house. Slyly, Sofia manages to achieve this. However, since Armaan was around her when she does it, Armaan yells at Sofia and their fight takes an ugly turn when Sofia pushes Armaan when he approaches her. Frustrated by the tactics adopted by the opposing team, Armaan decides to complain to Bigg Boss and asks him to step in for a fair judgement.

In the meanwhile, Tanishaa steps out and questions Gauahar’s authority because she is unable to control or manage any situation that arises between the two teams. She further points out Gauahar’s weaknesses which makes the latter agree with her and break down in tears because she unable to control the fights. Seeing her distraught, Kushal and Ajaz speak to her and calm her down.

With the situation inside the Bigg Bos house getting out of hand, Bigg Boss steps in and warns Sofia to follow the rules of the task and the Bigg Boss house. Knowing that she has been asked to keep a check on herself, Armaan butts in and asks Sofia to apologize to him. Tanishaa also points out Gauahar’s inefficiency as captain and asks her team to boycott her. Armaan and Andy agree with her and decide to support Tanishaa.

The rebellious behaviour inside the house, however, comes to an end once Bigg Boss delivers a task re-start letter and reminds both teams that Gauahar’s decisions are to be deemed as final. The letter also asks the teams to continue manufacturing toys until the next order comes in. The cotton bags which were thrown outside the Bigg Boss house by Ajaz and Sofia are also returned to Armaan’s team. However, Kushal refuses to participate in the task anymore because of an aggravated shoulder injury.

The raw materials are collected peacefully by both the teams and they start manufacturing the toys once more. Halfway into the second leg of the task, Ajaz decides to call it quits, but is quickly convinced by Gauahar and Kushal to continue to manufacture the toys because they are already one hand short.

Later in the evening, Ajaz feels emotional and hides of the well-made toys for his son so that he can present it to him upon his exit from the house. At the end of the day, the toys are sent to Bigg Boss for a quality check and final decision.

As night approaches, Gauahar decides that she will avoid Tanishaa not only for the rest of her stint in Bigg Boss, but also after the show ends. Will the contestants learn to forget and forgive? Only time will tell…

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