Kundapur: Slip of the mother’s tongue, leads daughter’s surrender to noose

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Kundapur; Dec 04: As the sentence goes ‘one man’s food is another man’s poison’, here in one of the incidents, mother’s slip of the tongue proved costly to her.


This incident happened on Dec 04, Wednesday evening in Navunda, near Byndoor, wherein mother told her daughter that leaving your reading, you are always watching TV and go and read. Now it appears, that was the mistake of the mother. Unable to digest this word, dejected college student has surrendered to the noose of the suicide.

Ms.Deepa Shetty, aged 21, daughter of Prabhakara Shetty and Hema Shetty was the girl, who committed suicide. She was doing her IInd year B.Com in Richard Almeda College, Navunda.

Details of the incident:

It was said that during holidays Deepa Shetty was always immersed in watching TV. Unable to tolerate this attitude of the daughter watching TV always, mother told her daughter to go and read. Angered by this, she went inside the room at around 5.00 pm in the evening on Dec 04, Wednesday and closed the door with latch inside. Being the stubborn natured girl, that was not new to the members of the family as it was her routine practice to go inside the room in anger, sit there for some time and come.

But this time it was like that, when she didn’t come out even after half an hour, her mother and sister shouted to open the door.But when there was no response from inside, shouted for locals help. When the locals came and entered the house by breaking the window, suicide incident has been come to light. By this time Deepa already committed suicide by hanging herself to the hook of the fan with her shawl. Then the matter has been informed to police by the locals.

Deepa was the last among the three daughters to middle class Prabhakar Shetty and Hema Shetty and they got only one son, who is mentally unsound and was completely under the care of family members.Deepa’s sister was a teacher in one of the schools in Arehole.Originally from residents of Aanegalli near Kundapur. As Deepa’s sister was a teacher in Arehole, there only near Navunda they were staying in a rented house since one and half years.

A case in this regard has been registered in Byndoor police station.


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