Film Review: John Day is a muddled affair

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 Film: John Day
Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Randeep Hooda, Elena Kazan, Shernaz Patel
Director: Ahishor Solomon


What’s it about
The story of John Day is as cryptic as its motives. What starts off as a murder mystery soon becomes a pretentious mind game mumbo jumbo between a regular bank manager John Day (Naseer) and brooding cop (Randeep).

There is no clear direction or flow to the narrative. The writers seem super confused about what to do with the characters. Instead what we get are long drawn monologues and heavy dialogues that don’t do much to make the film interesting.

Then there’ a supporting track with John’s wife Maria (Shernaaz) that is totally off track from the main plot, a mere deviation to compensate for the lack of a credible story line.

What’s hot
Technically John Day has a few glorious moments, camera work is impressive while the background score works in expressing the sentiments of the characters. Naseeruddin Shah manages to chew on whatever little he can to make John relatable. The first half, especially the opening sequence, manages to arrest your attention.

What’s not
Despite the references and images used in the film, the attempt to come off as an intelligent thriller just doesn’t work. Stuck in the middle, the film meanders for a while until it reaches a cross road not knowing what road to take. Randeep Hooda needs to shake off the dust and not get stereotyped playing similar roles. It’s time he had fun and let his hair down for a change.

What to do
A  muddled affair, John Day seems lost in its own maze of self-indulgence.

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