Domestic violence: Nigella Lawson’s publicly attacked by husband

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On-lookers could see her art dealer husband abuse her physically

Celebrity TV chef Nigella Lawson was subject to a vicious physical attack by husband, art dealer Charles Saatchi.

The couple was photographed sitting outside their favorite London restaurant when things took an ugly turn.

The on-looks and diners at the adjacent tables could hear the couple fight over something. It was audible enough for other to turn around at wonder what was happening.


After the verbal fight Saatchi repeatedly grabbed Lawson by the throat. Her husband tried to choke her first with one hand, then with both.

Her eyes were transfixed as she struggles to prise away the powerful hand squeezing around her throat.

She dabbed her eyes on a linen napkin as Saatchi tapped his ­cigarettes impatiently on the table.

The art dealer also held her nose and twitched it hard to Nigella’s surprise.

She jerked back twice to avoid being hurt and then later tried to pacify him by planting a kiss on his cheek, which he brushed off and left.

She later left the restaurant in tears, hiding her face with her hands and biting her lip.

While, no report of domestic abuse was filed at the police station, Lawson was spotted leaving the flat she shared with her husband with a suitcase in tow.

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