Movie review ‘Gabbar Is Back’: Too cliched but enjoyable in bits

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Director: Krish
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Shruti K. Haasan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Suman Talwar, Sunil Grover
Rating: 2 stars

Director Krish brings the iconic screen name Gabbar back in theatres along with the immortal dialogues for his hindi film debut. But this Gabbar played by Akshay Kumar has no similarities with Amjad Khan’s character in Sholay. Perhaps there is one! Akshay’s character shows the same desperation to wipe out corruption from the country that Gabbar had when going after Jai and Veeru.

The film begins with Gabbar scanning all corrupt tehsildars whom he proceeds to punish cruelly by hanging them in the middle of the city. Numerous such incidents lead to utter chaos leaving the police department shaken up in embarrassment.

Does the mastermind of Gabbar keep you on the edge of the seat? Yes, it definitely does till the first half. The hospital sequence, a well thought out idea, brings to light the corrupt medical practice in the country. But poor dialogues at key junctions; exuberance and over the top drama seen in films down South bring the movie crashing down. After a time you ask yourself, ‘why are they making me dislike the film when I have been enjoying it all this while?’

Shruti Haasan is good in bits and with a limited scope to perform she leaves no impact on screen. Bad screenplay can make any actress appear average. Shruti unfortunately is a victim of this. On the other side of fence fighting Gabbar is Suman Talwar. He has a prominent screen presence, has a strong reason to go after Gabbar. What is that reason? We will leave that for you to find out in the theatres.

The one actor who you least expect to pull off the role of a cop is Sunil Grover. His TV character Gutthi is so popular but not even in a single frame it reminds you of that. He holds your attention and you really sympathize with the apathy he goes through in the department. The senior police officers cast in these roles do a convincing job.

Krish’s attempt to remake Tamil film Ramana may not be liked by the Hindi speaking audience. His treatment of the film, though fast paced, lacks connect which he could have easily had with a massy star like Akshay Kumar.

Akshay Kumar has put sincere efforts in every department be it intense or romantic scenes. But all the elements of screenplay, editing, and storyline put together doesn’t really help to drive the point back home. The climax of the film is a yawn and doesn’t move you at all.

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