Kangana Ranaut slips in and out of Tanu and Kusum Kumari in ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’ trailer

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New Delhi: That she is a talented actress is a known fact and affirmed by her two National Awards, Kangana Ranaut doesn’t fail to hold us in awe with her portrayal of characters as different as chalk and cheese.

So, in her upcoming movie ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns‘, she plays a dual role – one of Tanu that she carries forward from the prequel ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ and the other ‘Kusum Kumari’, a village “tom-boyish” belle with bunny teeth.

And there is R Madhavan, who wasn’t a Hrithik Roshan in the previous movie and nor does he intend to become one now and that’s where the bone of contention lies.

“Haalat dekhi hai apni? Adrak ho gaya hai yeh aadmi.. Kahin se bhi badh raha hai,” is the opinion the married Tanu holds for her hubby dearest Manu.

So, a marriage isn’t as fairy-tale-ish as a love affair is what’s portrayed by the movie, but in a quirky way. While Tanu is frustrated with her husband, Manu is mulling over divorce. Cut to the innocent, sports quota qualified Kusum Kumari, who captures the imagination of Manu and gets him to fall for her. But is he really over Tanu? Now that’s the question.

What we think of the plot is a multi-option thought. Now as the trailer says, in quest of finding his “true love” Manu actually falls for a disguised Tanu? Or if Kusum Kumari is real, Manu bhaiya realises just in the nick of time that he, indeed, is in love with Tanu and goes back?

But whatever be it, what captures our attention all through the trailer is the ‘Queen’ – Kangana Ranaut. She slips into Kusum and whisks away so effortlessly that it becomes hard to believe that it’s the same Kangana, who played the shy and demure Rani in ‘Queen’; especially when she, in her Kusum Kumari avatar, introduces herself to Manu. The way she says it is cutely epic.

Madhavan is so-not Hrithik Roshan, but so himself. Making a comeback after three years, the actor looks fresh and so into Manu.

The plot looks interesting and intriguing and we’re sure of the movie becoming a hit.

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