No daughters for Aamir? After Kangana and Taapsee, Akshara too isn’t up for it

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A few months back, it was reported that Aamir Khan is preparing to play a wrestler in an upcoming film. The project is rumoured to be a biopic on the life of acclaimed wrestler Mahavir Phogat, who trained his three daughters and one niece in ­wrestling.

While Aamir has been confirmed for the film, the ­makers are currently in the ­process of casting female actors for the roles of the daughters and the niece. As a result, there has been a lot of speculation with regards to who has been approached.

Initially, Kangana Ranaut and Taapsee Pannu made news in this concern. Now, rumour has it that Akshara Haasan is being considered for the same. However, she isn’t the part of the film either.

“Aamir and Kangana were ­spotted together a few times in the recent past, leading to the assumption that they are working together. But Kangana denied the news recently,” says a source.

Taapsee had also denied reports of having being approached for the biopic. According to the source, rumours of Akshara’s ­involvement in this film started when her Wikipedia page mentioned that her next project is with Aamir Khan. “But the details are no longer visible on the page and have clearly been edited,” adds the insider.

Meanwhile, Akshara — who recently made her Bollywood debut with Shamitabh — also denies being approached for this movie. When we contacted her, she said, “No, I am not part of the film. I haven’t had any discussions about it.”

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