Karan Johar to adopt a baby

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karan-johar-2-382Marriage is the not the top priority for the 41-year-old filmmaker Karan Johar at the moment but he wants to enjoy fatherhood at the very moment without getting married. The latest grapevine is that Karan Johar is planning to adopt a baby.

Adopting baby is Karan’s top priority at the moment and very soon he will bring a baby to his home.“Tell me, who does not want to have a family to extend himself/herself?” reasoned Bollywood’s ‘one of the most eligible’ bachelors. He further revealed that his mother, Hiroo Johar, is fully supportive of his decision. “My mom and I will bring up the child wonderfully”, he added.

Karan said during an interview that he would make a wonderful father. When Kjo was asked about parenting, he said, “There is a kind of wonderment at this juncture of my life, as you feel you have reached midpoint, have done things professionally and wonder about yourself personally.

There are all kinds of thoughts that creep in within my head and heart. For instance, should I take the family forward? Am I ready to be a father? Am I ready to take on responsibility? It is something I think of every other day now.

Emotionally, I am vulnerable and know that there is a strong parent in me. I know I would make a wonderful father. But there has to be a right time. If I die tomorrow, it would be sad that the company would crumble along with me. There is just me and mom and there is nobody I can leave this company to. My company has been my father’s dream and my reality. And that can’t be put to a stop after me”.

He added, “I have discussed this with my mom. She is open-minded and is the most progressive woman in this country and she loves me and will support every decision of mine. And who does not want to have your family to extend itself.

But, she also understands that the decision needs to be mine in terms of the right time. Oddly, I don’t feel that nervous as my father had me when he was 40. But yes, it’s definitely top of my mind. I am not looking at marriage at all. My child will be brought up by me and my mum and the wonderful support system we have around us.

I can tell you that there are more people around me who would be more excited about my child than me. The biggest victory of my being multifaceted will be when I can also be a good parent”.

Well, Karan it is a noble cause and we appreciate your move.

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