Dr. Soonawalla has now approached the Bombay High Court seeking interim relief (Update)

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Dr Rustom Soonawalla, accused of raping a 27-year-old Tuberculosis patient, has now approached the Bombay High Court seeking interim relief so that he can submit his blood and semen samples to the authorities. In his application, Soonawalla has said that it is only just and proper that he is allowed the interim relief.

This comes days after a Sessions Court rejected Dr Soonawalla’s miscellaneous application, in which he had stated that he was ready to give his blood and semen samples, provided he was not arrested at the hospital. The handwritten document was submitted one hour into the hearing on his anticipatory bail application. He had also requested the court to defer the decision regarding his bail till the samples were matched. His plea, however, was rejected after the public prosecutor opposed it, saying there was no provision which allowed him such a relief.

Soonawalla’s lawyer Aabad Ponda, while requesting the high court to hear his case urgently, submitted a written document saying there was no need for the police to take Soonawalla into custody for a crime he has not committed.

Ponda also said that his client was fighting against illegal hawkers in the area and this case  against him was to shut him up. Advocate Ashish Chavan, appearing on behalf of the victim, however, objected maintaining that Soonawalla was effectively seeking anticipatory bail in the guise of interim relief. Justice Abhay Thipsay, high court vacation judge, however, accepted Ponda’s request and will hear the case on Wednesday.

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