Rattled Shraddha Kapoor gets her security beefed up

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Mumbai: Shraddha Kapoor is having a tough time dealing with fan frenzy, as admirers have started to encroach upon her private space.

The actor was forced to ask her building security to keep tabs on the visitors, after she was mobbed in the lobby by a few fans recently when she alighted from the car to get in.

“Shraddha was in for a surprise when she was returning home at 2 am after a shoot. Three boys, who are apparently big fans of her, dodged the security guards and made it to her lobby,” says a source close to the actor.

Shraddha amicably met them and enquired as to how long they had been waiting for her. Though they did not seem intimidating, she was alarmed that someone could breach the security and enter her building.

After they left, the actor apparently called the guards and asked them to beef up the security with immediate effect.

“Shraddha stays near Juhu Beach and when people see her around, they often follow her till the building and wait outside. When the guards learnt about this (recent trespassing) incident, they decided to take extra precautions and added more guards,” says the source.

When contacted, Shraddha confirmed the news, saying, “It is their (the fans) way of showing love and I feel lucky to have them in my life. But after some boys managed to fool the guards post-midnight and entered my lobby, I asked the guards to be extra careful.”

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