Meet Aamir Khan, the super actor who is also a super dad

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Mumbai: Aamir Khan, who seems to have a little free time on hand, nowadays, is spending most of it with his youngest son, Azad. The actor has been dropping Azad to his playschool every day since a week.

“During his visits to the school, mothers of Azad’s friends have been keen to meet him. As soon as word spread that Aamir has been stopping by daily, more and more mothers have been spotted chatting with him there,” says a source close to Aamir, adding, “On the first day that he went, he spent close to an hour chatting with the women. He has been going to the school without security personnel, who usually accompany him everywhere.”

Apart from this, Aamir spends time playing with the three-year-old at home and even takes him to a nearby park sometimes.

“Whenever possible, he takes Azad to a garden close by, and they play there. Aamir wants to make the most of his free time by spending it with Azad because he is growing up.”

As a result, Kiran Rao has also got more free time to relax while her husband handles the parental duties. When contacted, Aamir confirmed the news.

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