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Guru Meenakshi Raju Sriyan a maestro of Bharatanatyam

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(News / Pics by Rons Bantwal)

Mumbai, May.23:   Guru Meenakshi Raju Sriyan of metro based Arunodaya Kala Niketan has been a maestro of Bharatanatyam whose expertise in experimenting different forms of dances in incorporating recitals based on mythological episodes is noteworthy indeed.  The ongoing innovations in dance recitals that is experimented by Guru Meenakshi are enthralling the viewers, because of its effectiveness in presenting without deviating from the original text.

Shree Chakra, an innovative dance recital directed by Meenakshi has seen 2 shows already in the metro.

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Everyone knows the significance of Shree Chakra that signifies power.  The tradition of installing the replica of Shree Chakra in homes, temples and worshiped since contemporary times, in order to protect from evil forces and for prosperity.  The verses of ancient scriptures are being inscribed below the Shree Chakra, which are bestowed with powers of mother goddess.  Shree Chakra that is equivalent to Sudarshan Chakra has great significance indeed.  The efforts of Meenakshi are commendable because she had done in-depth study on importance of different facets of Shree Chakra in correlating it to life on earth.   The first part of Shree Chakra recital signifies the human birth, while the second signifies the death and the middle part the role of soul.  The bond of mother and baby, developing human body and human virtues are exemplified in dance recital.

The vast experience and hard work is manifested in every act of dance recital that reflects the life from cradle to grave, with a message to shun ego, pride, evil character in ones short life on earth.

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Meenakshi is an accomplished artiste trained by Guru the late M N Suvarna, the founder of Arunodaya Kala Niketan.  She has trained thousands of students since then.  She has staged dance recitals of Sanskrit based episodes such as Asta Laxmi, Ayyappa Avatara, Shravana Kumara, Devi Namaha, Krishna Leela, Shakuntala, Droupadi, Pandava Lahasya, Ganesha Vijaya, Bhakta Markandeya, Dashavatara, Kalinga, Tripura Samara, Narayaniyam, Kalidasa Vegadhoora, Navasandi, Asta Vinayaka, Samaya Kalachakra, Sri Devi, Bhavya Bharatyam; Kannada based episodes such as Kinnara Jogi, Purandaradasa, Kanakadasa Kirtane, Kunidadu Krishna and Marathi based episodes such as Rajahamsa and Abhanga, Malayalam based epiode Ayyappa Avataram.

Meenakshi had staged several dance recitals across the nation and abroad.  Hope her innovative Shree Chakra dance recital becomes hit and let her shine in her future endeavor.

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