Kasargod district faces heap of hurdles, which hampers the developmental process in the district

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Mangalore/Kasargod,May 25: In spite of Kasargod, completes its glorious 29 years of its formation (24.05.1984), many of the developmental projects remained unfulfilled due to mirage challenges it faces on its way. Even after completion of 29 years, one of the long-pending demands for the creation of new taluks in the district by the people remained unfulfilled and however two taluks i.e Manjeshwara and Vellarikundu have been announced by the authorities in these 29 years. In the newly created taluks, some more years might take to provide basic infrastructure. The district had so far only 2 taluks Hosdurg and Kasagod.


In spite of several projects were announced for the district, it still lagging behind in education, healthcare and rural development areas. Though infrastructure in tourism spot of Bekal Fort has been developed, the potentials of tourism has not been tapped by the authorities, which is the main contributing factor for the backwardness in the developmental progress of district.

Although the district is rich in natural resources, endosulfan issue has been the main worry,which caused enormous damage among the families living on cashew plantations. As a result of spraying endosulfan pesticide on cashew plantation by aircrafts assigned by state authorities with least concern for the people living in the area, thousands of families were affected with disabilities.

The water resources are polluted with endosulfan and the families of the victims are struggling for compensations for the past several years.

However now it is understood that the state government authorities are likely to give approval for the development of Manjeshwar Port, setting up KINFRA and HAL units in Sitangoli,is likely to bring some phenomenal pace of industrialization in the district. But it has not focussed on viable solution to the burning issues like railway zone, roads and other important issues.

All the previous governments lacked the long sighted plans for the developments of the district.Meantime,now the time has come to focus on these vital aspects.

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