Lowest Risk Cities in the world: Dubai in Top 20

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Emirate rated higher than Washington DC, Paris, Tokyo, Frankfurt and Brussels in ranking of Lowest Risk Cities in the world to recruit, employ and redeploy talent

Dubai is among the top 20 and first in the region on a list of safest cities in the world for expatriates, according to a latest report released.

A report released by Aon Hewitt, the global human resources company of Aon Plc, ranked Dubai 19th globally and 1st in the Middle East in the list of Lowest Risk Cities in the world to recruit, employ and redeploy talent.

According to the ranking, the emirate is rated a lower risk city than Washington DC (ranked 25), Sydney (27), Brussels (27), Doha (31), Paris (36), Frankfurt (37), Tokyo (43), and Seoul (47) among others.

The emirate also saw its ranking improving from 29th in 2012 to 19th in 2013 among the lowest risk cities.

NR, a PR consultant in Dubai, said she feels safer and happier here in Dubai despite spending a big part of her life in Europe. “I have spent around five years in London and other major European cities, but the development and growth I have seen here makes Dubai a real 21st century city.”

Aon Hewitt’s 2013 People Risk Index measures the risk that organisation face with recruitment, employment and relocation in 138 cities worldwide by analysing factors such as demographics, access to education, talent development, employment practice and government regulations.

In the Middle East ranking, Dubai is followed by Doha (31), Muscat (50), Riyadh (53), Manama (57), Amman (83), Cairo (117), Tehran (125), Baghdad (133), Sana’a (137) and Damascus (138).

Globally, New York has been rated the lowest risk city for the second consecutive year for recruiting, employing and relocating employees.

New York is followed by Singapore (2), Toronto (3), Montreal (4), London (4), Los Angeles (6), Copenhagen (7), Hong Kong (7), Zurich (9), Vancouver (10), Boston (10), Chicago (10), San Diego (13), San Francisco (13), Stockholm (15), Amsterdam (16), Oslo (16), Dallas (16), Dubai (19), Houston (19), Melbourne (21), Miami (21), Philadelphia (21), Seattle (21), Atlanta (25) and Washington DC in the list of top 25 lowest risk cities by Aon Hewitt for 2013.

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