Mallika Sherawat Sings ‘Happy Birthday’for Narendra Modi on national TV

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Mallika Sherawat does a Marilyn Monroe for India’s ‘JFK’… Narendra Modi

Sings ‘Happy Birthday’ on national TV

India’s BJP prime ministerial candidate for the next general elections and by that token, possibly India’s next Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, may not look like John F Kennedy.


He does have his eloquence, his charisma and if his leadership of the state of Gujarat is anything to go by, a midas touch when it comes to leading government.


Marilyn Monroe and JFK are believed to have a shared a relationship that went well beyond mutual admiration when Kennedy was in office as President of the United States of America.

While there is absolutely no suggestion that Ms Sherawat or Mr Modi share any sort of relationship at all, or that they have even met, Mallika certainly swoons and fawns in the song over India’s ‘most eligible bachelor’.

She turns her voice husky and while the performance walks that line between risqué and reasonable, in true Mallika style, you’re never sure if she is only half-joking.

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