Married couples love to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day

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New Delhi: It turns out that married couples are really keen to celebrate the day of love Valentine’s Day.

In a survey by BharatMatrimony, a whopping 85 per cent of the 10,595 members revealed that they would love to re-ignite their love on the day, with 50 per cent of men saying it was a special day for couples to express love, while 47 per cent women felt it “helps strengthen marital bonds”.

When asked what’s the best day to express love to spouse, a significant 30 per cent men chose Valentine’s Day over wedding anniversary while 43 per cent women chose wedding anniversary.

Interestingly, 88 per cent women also expressed they’d like a romantic dinner with spouse on Feb 14, while a mere 11 percent wanted jewellery as gifts. While 52 percent men agreed with the idea of a romantic dinner, 24 percent men wanted to go on a holiday with spouse.

Kaushik Tiwari, Head of Marketing at BharatMatrimony, said “This just goes to show that even married couples are keen to celebrate Valentine’s Day and it’s certainly not a day that only college goers and young professionals celebrate. Couples are just using Valentine’s Day to reignite the romance in the relationship.”

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