Sex tips for busy people

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Mumbai: Over the last decade, lifestyles of people have changed drastically. More and more people are working for longer hours, with little time to spare for anything else. Health, family, relationships have all lost out to people’s preference for their careers. A healthy balanced life has become a myth. The effect is disastrous for people. The worst sufferer to this fast-paced lifestyle has been sex.

People either are too tired after their work for sex, or they don’t have time at all.

We try and help such people to ignite the spark back in their lives, by giving tips to have great sex and bring the relationship alive.

Take a break from the comfort of your house

People head back to their homes after their work, and love to stay indoors on a day off. It’s a common misconception that home is the best place to be, to have sex. Wrong!

Your home has so many things that can distract you from you having some time alone with your partner. Kitchen, dishes, utility bills, children, television are all elements that distract you from having great sex. Find a way to physically remove yourself from the things that keep you from making time for each other. Check into a hotel or a resort for the night. Leave everything else and have a good time together.

Shower together

Heading into the shower together can enliven you showering experience. Get all soaped up and have great sex under the shower, or in the tub. The intimacy can work wonders for you and your partner. As a bonus, you can fulfill your sexual fantasies too.

Turn off the television

The idiot box is one of the biggest killers of sexual drive. After a day’s work it’s normal for people to turn on the television and catch up on news, sports and favourite soap operas. By the time you’re finished, either you are too tired to even think about sex, or don’t have any time left at all. Think of the time you could use to spend with your partner if you didn’t turn on the tv for a day.

Take a break from household chores

There is no rule which expressly states that you must do your household chores daily. Cooking dinner, doing the laundry, or anything at all can drain your energy and mood for some great alone time with your partner. Order food in, make yourself comfortable, switch on some great soothing music, and concentrate on your partner. The results will be worth it.

Make a bucket list

All of us have fantasies when it comes to sex. While some want to try various positions and experiment with new ones. Others want to do the thing at various places. A bucket list helps you in keeping your desires ready to be discussed with your partner and keeps you updated of how much have you done from the list.

Keep the intimacy alive

Often we tend to get so engrossed in our work, or in our individual lives, we tend to forget spending time with our partners. That brings in a feeling of being alienated and increases the distance between two partners. This further works as a catalyst to drop your sexual drive. Sending little ‘I love you’ notes, buying a surprise present for the partner, ordering food from the favourite restaurant, booking an appointment at a spa together, can work wonders to revive the dipping emotional connect. This results in fantastic sex.

Sexting is fun

Sending an I love you message, or a naughty message, helps you partner to know that you are remembered inspite of your busy day, and can bring a smile to their face instantly.

Schedule sex

You schedule all your work, and important things that needs to be looked into. Why don’t you schedule sex? It’s an important part of life and helps boost your relationship. Scheduling sex will remind you that it is important and has to be done.

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