Women fret most about ‘body appearance’ at 39

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London: A new study has found that women fret most about their body appearance at the age of 39.

According to a survey of 2,000 women, which was carried out for skin care firm Sanctuary Spa, 4 out of 10 women said they wanted to look “younger”, one-fifth admitted to fret about how old they appeared daily, the Daily Express reported.It also showed that one-third of women felt the pressure to look young at 39, with almost two-thirds using anti-ageing products.

One-fifth of women also admitted to tell their age to be 5 years younger than they actually were, and 10 percent asserted to be 10 years younger than they were.

The researchers said that the idea of “how old was actually old” changes for women with time, as the one in their 20’s saw 51 to be the start of old age but women in their 50s thought 75 to be old.
The study also found that women feel really self-conscious about their age when looking at their vacation or some function’s photos, and telling them that they look young was the best compliment one could give them.

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