Bunts Sangha AAKANSHA World 2013 to be held on 21 Dec

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Mumbai : The youth wing of Bunts Sagha Mumbai is holding ‘Aakansha World 2013’ Miss Bunt and Mr. Bunt contest on 21st December from 4pm to 9.30 pm at Sai Palace Resort & Hotel Garden, Kashimira, near Dahisar, Mumbai.

In a press meet held on 15th December at Bunts Sangha, Kurla, president of Bunts Sangha Mumbai CA Shankar B. Shetty briefed about the events and in reply to our correspondence he said out of about 80 contestants 30 youths are selected for this event. He said this is the Silver Jubilee year of our youth wing. Participants from Gulf countries including Dubai, Muscut, Bangalore, Mangalore, Pune, Mumbai and other parts of the world contesting in this Aakansha World 2013 for which there are 4 judges.

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Proceeding further CA Shankar B Shetty disclosed the price amount as Rs. 1 lakh (First), Rs. 75000/- (2nd) ad Rs. 50000 (3rd) cash and the trophy. There is an expectation of more than 4500 people including some celebrities, politicians, film and TV personalities. The event will conclude followed by dinner, he said.

The main sponsor of this event VK Groups McCoy Company’s Ankit Shetty said this type of event is important for fame and recognition of the participants.

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Addressing the media and the contestants Vice President of Bunts Sangha Karnire Vishwanath Shetty said we have received our personality from our elders. Our elders are beautiful. Their personality, beautiful dressing culture made our present generation beautiful. To save this culture such events are essential for next generation.

Ratnakar Shetty Mundkoor, Chairman of Mathubhoomi Co. op. Credit Society Ltd. thanked all those who are working behind this event and said we are very happy to organize this programme with the spirit of participants.

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Aakansha 2012 winners were present in the press meet and briefed their experience. Some of the contestants presented their opinions before the journalists. The choreographer Sunil Shekar Shetty and Abhishek Vittal Shetty are also present. Anchors of the programme Rajan Shetty, Shreya and Prashant Shetty were present.

Chairman of Youth Wing Shivaprasad Shetty, Vice Chairman Ritesh Shetty, Secretary Sapna Shetty, Jt. Secretary Prashant Shetty, Treasurer Vivek Shetty, Joint Treasurer Savita Shetty, Gautam Shetty and all the 30 contestants were present in the press meet.

By Ishwar M Ail
Pics. Dinesh Kulal

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