Nalla Sopara College professor arrested for murdering his wife

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Nalla Sopara - professorIt has finally come to light how the Nalla Sopara Junior College professor, arrested for murdering his wife, managed to fool the police for days. Professor Amarjeet Singh (35), his student Akbar Ali Warsi, and an accomplice Rajuram Das (23) were arrested for the crime on Thursday.

Singh had asked his wife Kiran to write a letter, claiming she had a lover, and so wanted to leave her husband and lead a good life. The letter further stated that no one was responsible for her act. He had told her that the letter, a copy of which is with Mirror, was to be used in a college play. On February 18, Singh lodged a missing complaint and handed over the letter to the Nalla Sopara police.

PI Mukund Mahajan of Nalla Sopara police station said, “Singh gave us the letter when he came to register a missing complaint. We confirmed that the handwriting belonged to Kiran. When we found her head two days later, Singh pretended to recognise it only by the mole on her face. He managed to fool even us.”

Singh, an Accounts teacher at Commerce Junior College, was unhappy in his marriage, as Kiran used to suspect him of having extra-marital affairs with his students. The couple had been married for more than 13 years, had two children. Singh had been planning to get rid of his wife since December 2012.

For the purpose, he roped in Akbar Ali Warsi, a student who was grateful to Singh for helping him pass Class XII Board examination. In fact, Warsi would also run errands for the family, such as fetching milk, newspaper and other odd jobs, in return for Singh’s coaching, said PI Mahajan.

Singh paid Warsi Rs 5,000 as “advance” for the murder, and Rs 45,000 was to be paid after the deed. Warsi first used chloroform on Kiran. He and Das then chopped her body into 100 odd pieces and burnt the torso.

“We are searching for at least three more people, who might have been involved in the disposal of the torso. We also found some human bones and have sent them for DNA testing. We are yet to ascertain whether Singh merely gave the money to Warsi or was also present at the crime spot,” said a cop. Meanwhile, Singh’s relatives from his native state, Uttar Pradesh, have flown down to Nalla Sopara to take custody of his two minor children, said an official.(MM)

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