We made small mistakes but will return to power: Jagadish Shettar

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Karnataka chief minister Jagadish Shettar was the face of the BJP’s election campaign. He spoke from Hubli, his constituency.

Has the BJP missed BS Yeddyurappa? What will be the impact of his party?
There’s no effect of BSY or his Karnataka Janata Paksha. People are thinking why all those ugly episodes happened in a party like the BJP and how someone could fool the public so much. In my view, the BJP will return to power with 125-130 seats.

You have been named BJP’s possible chief minister. Are you confident of a majority?
Yes. Only the BJP announced its chief minister during the campaign. No other party, including the Congress, did so. The BJP has gone into the election in my name because my achievements are those of the party. People are aware of the development projects we undertook.

What if no party gets the required 113 seats to form the government?
We will certainly come to power with a majority.

Will the BJP tie up with Deve Gowda’s JD(S)?
I will answer this only after the result on May 8.

Do you think Gujarat CM Narendra Modi helped the BJP or were his speeches mere crowd-pullers?
Narendra bhai is our great leader; the people of India like him and praise his achievements. His visit to Karnataka definitely helped the BJP. Congress leaders were saying that Modi wouldn’t come to Karnataka but they must have been disappointed.

BSY’s purpose is “to kill the BJP”. How will he impact the BJP vote, particularly in Lingayat constituencies?
See, people can think for themselves. They are thinking and they will answer such questions when they vote on Sunday. BSY will not have any impact on the BJP; it’s a party based on cadres and workers with ideology. Actually, I think his party will not get a single seat.

What is your own assessment of the BJP’s first government in the south?
We have learnt many things. We have committed small mistakes, too. But these won’t happen in the next government if people give us the mandate. All BJP leaders are united and we are a single voice now.

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