Lesbian bride refuses to go with husband

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MADIKERI: Defying social stigma, a bride in Sunticoppa, a small town in Kodagu district, has declared she is a lesbian and refused to go with her husband.

Ramya (name changed) got married on April 21. Soon after marriage, she came to her parents’ home and told them she won’t go with her husband. She lodged a complaint in Sunticoppapolice station claiming she was forced into marriage by her parents. Locals, who say she is in a relationship with a girl from Hoskote near Sunticoppa, have protested against Ramya’s decision.

When matters came to a head, Sunticoppa sub-inspector Krishnakumar intervened and tried to advise Ramya against taking hasty decisions. When she refused to rethink, she was sent to the women’s rehabilitation centre at Madikeri for counselling.

This attempt also failed and the local people on Wednesday protested in front of the Sunticoppa police station demanding that she be sent back to her husband’s house. When Krishnakumar again tried to persuade her, she remained adamant and the people who gathered began teasing her gay companion who was with her. When the companion threatened to strip, the protestors just vanished.

Ramya who is now living with her companion in Hoskote told TOI that she would not live with her parents. She said she will join a private firm in Mysore and lead her own life. On Wednesday, Kushalnagar circle inspector Ganesh met her in Hoskote village and counselled her to go back to her parents first and then decide about her future. Ramya agreed and went to her parents but still she is not willing to go back to her husband. Ganesh said he had temporarily succeeded in convincing her to live with her parents.

Her parents said they will no longer bother about her as she has defied social norms.

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  1. Great keep it up, at least one lion in the world of sheeps . Great many more gays and lesbians needs to come out and show we are no more closeted.

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