Cong using India Post to distribute fliers, BJP tells ECI

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Bangalore: The BJP on Friday made a complaint to Chief Electoral Officer Anil Kumar Jha against the Congress for using India Post to distribute its pamphlets.

After submitting a letter to Jha, the BJP’s Rajajinagar MLA, S Suresh Kumar, told reporters that the Congress was distributing pamphlets in Kannada by paying postal charges of Rs 1.5 instead of Rs six. The pamphlets do not have any postal addresses on them. “Has the Congress party paid the India Post or postmen to campaign for it? Is the Congress facing shortage of volunteers,” he asked.

Kumar described it as “misuse” of government machinery for political gain and thus a “gross violation” of the model code of conduct. He urged the Election Commission to take action against India Post officers and postmen for the “violation”.

When asked why BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi declared only now that he was married, Kumar said the former did so in order to comply with a Supreme Court order, as per which the marital status column in the nomination papers cannot be left blank.

Kumar also said Modi was married off when he was just 17, which was not the age of marriage, and later vowed to renounce marital life and devote himself to nation-building.

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