JD(S) manifesto promises regular water supply

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Bangalore: JD(S) national president H D Deve Gowda said on Friday that the party’s main agenda, if voted to power in the Lok Sabha elections, will be to provide regular water supply for the State.

The promise was unveiled by the party in its election manifesto released on Friday.
Much of the document speaks about the achievements of the United Front regime under Deve Gowda in 1996.

“We know our limitations. It is our duty to place our stand regarding the problems of our State and country before the people. We are giving an assurance to our people that our party, either by itself or by the support of other parties, will fight for giving a shape to our stand,” states the JD(S) manifesto.

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The party has said that its primary agenda is to resolve the water crisis in the State, and the nation, by declaring the rivers in the country as national assets, to prepare a policy and a blueprint for connecting all national rivers and to execute it by setting up a national water board. Gowda said that the party will pressure the Centre to bring in changes to inter-state water sharing policies.

It also speaks about a separate agriculture policy and bringing the sector under the Commerce and Industries purview, to give it the benefits available under the department.

Gowda said that no party in the country today could imagine coming to power without the support of the JD(S).

“I firmly believe that every political party needs to take the support of the regional parties to form a government. Be it the BJP or the Congress, or even the third front, the regional parties will play a prominent role in forming the government,” he said.

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