CFTRI working on ways to keep you warm

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10The Mysore-based Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) is working on food products that generate heat in the human body, as a “remedy” to overcome extreme cold conditions such as those in north India and other parts of the country.

“We have already achieved a sort of a breakthrough on research done on a food product. We are doing research on 21 traditional food products of north India,” CFTRI director Ram Rajasekharan told presspersons here on Tuesday.

He said, “Some food products can be consumed to generate body heat. Some food molecules generate heat. We have found the molecule in one particular food product. Interestingly, body heat results in weight loss.”

Prof. Rajasekharan added that scientists had identified the mechanism that produces heat in the body after food is consumed. “We are also exploring other values in these food products.”

On the ‘Designer green milk’ that was unveiled at the seventh International Food Convention on the CFTRI campus recently, he said there had been an overwhelming response to the product. “Many organisations, including some hospitals, have shown interest in partnering with us for commercial production. Such responses encourage us to come up with more novel products.”

The institute has claimed that the product has nutritional benefits and described it as a “food for the future”. Green milk is produced from commonly available plant sources, which, according to the CFTRI, are “equivalent” to fish oil in their health benefits.

The product is made from moringa, portulaca, chicory, mushroom and chia/ocimum.

“Green milk is a revolutionary product. I am sure this will address malnutrition in the country,” Prof. Rajasekharan had said during its launch.

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