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    hemen parekh

    Lesson Number 3

    Yesterday was a field day for TV channels

    Panel experts were screaming :

    > Prashant Bhushan wants to hand over Kashmir to Pakistan

    > Rakhi Bidlan is a compulsive liar, who seeks cheap publicity by alleging
    terrorist attack on her car

    > Kumar Vishwas is hiding communal skeletons in his cupboard

    > Aam Aadmi Party is falling apart

    > AAP has no experience in governing

    > AAP has neither a Vision , nor a Policy on any national matter

    > In trying to contest Lok Sabha elections , AAP is biting off more than
    what it can chew

    > AAP has no clue about financing government expenditure . By subsidizing
    Water / Power etc , it will bankrupt the Delhi government

    > AAP is indulging in populist give-away with an eye on 2014

    > AAP is shying away from catching corrupt Congressmen

    > AAP is a B-Team of Congress / hand-in-glove with Congress / stooge of

    > AAP ministers are practicing phony simplicity to fool people

    Amidst a free-for-all ” VERBATHON ” amongst the so-called experts and the vociferous / dominating TV anchors , these are a few comments I could catch !

    Now , don’t blame the TV anchors

    Their own annual salary-increase depends upon the TRP rating of the show !

    But as far as the experts are concerned , they were engaged in a game of one-up-man ship !

    Each was trying to prove that ,

    > he had more negative opinions about AAP

    > he could do a better job of provoking AAP leaders

    > he had , at his command , many more words to run down AAP

    But thank God , Arvind and his team ,

    > readily admitted their shortcomings

    > apologized for their mistakes

    > refused to get drawn into a controversy

    > did not get provoked

    A classic example of an elephant ignoring the barking of dogs !

    In short , they kept their COOL


    Congrats !

    You did well in your lesson number 3 , viz ;


    * hemen parekh ( 07 Jan 2014 / Mumbai )

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