90 per cent UoM professors to retire by 2016.

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mysurIndications are that there will be not many professors celebrating centenary year of University of Mysore in 2016, as, as many as 90 per cent of the professors of the varsity, will retire by the centenary year, said vice-chancellor, K S Rangappa, said here on Monday.

It can be noted that 168 posts of teaching faculty at the varsity is already lying vacant. Speaking at the Academic Council meeting, he said that the varsity has written to the government to fill the sanctioned posts soon. After these posts are filled, we must also start filling vacancies that are being generated due to retirements, he said.

Student assessment

While concerns were raised about the decline of “integrity” among both professors and students, a decision to introduce student assessment of teachers, was made at the meeting. The assessment will be held within a month from January 16, when classes will resume at the varsity after the semester break.

“A questionnaire will be prepared, and the assessment will be done periodically. The assessment data will be uploaded to the web for everyone to see,” Rangappa said. However, a few members of the committee objected to the proposal, claiming that such assessment would victimise some efficient professors of the varsity. Concerns about students reviewing lecturers based on personal grudges were also raised. Registrar of the varsity, C Basavaraju said that three students would be selected from a department randomly, to avoid bias.

Retired employees

The University of Mysore (appointment of retired employees on contract) Statutes, 2013, was also approved with minor amendments. As per the statute, the vice-chancellor can now make temporary appointments under Section 56 of the Karnataka Universities Act, 2000, for a period not exceeding one year at a time.

The University of Mysore (establishment of new Departments of Studies) Statutes, 2013, was also passed to set up Department of Studies (DoS) in Genetics and Genomics, DoS in Organic Chemistry, DoS in Molecular Biology, DoS in Public Administration and University of Mysore School of Law.

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