Rahul Gandhi is right on ISI: State Youth Cong chief

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Bangalore, Oct 26, 2013, DHNS: Karnataka Pradesh Youth Congress Committee President Rizwan Arshad, in a statement, said as a responsible youth from the Muslim community, he was in agreement with Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi that Pakistan’s ISI was exploiting the polarised situation in the aftermath of communal violence in Muzaffarnagar where youth have seen their kin being killed, raped and chased away from their villages.

The pain, anger and helplessness will certainly be exploited by anti-India forces and countries like Pakistan. It is a well-established fact that external forces exploit our internal differences and recruit micrscopic minority amongst misguided Muslim youth to sleeper cells of these organisations.

The biggest beneficiary from this polarised environment was BJP and the Sangh Pariwar. The Muslim community does not require Narendra Modi’s sympathies, he added.

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