Exam absentees fined Rs 500 at city college

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Bangalore, Oct 20: The principal said the decision is to bring in seriousness about the mid-term exams as the students take it too lightly

Gone are those days when parents were summoned if their children didn’t score well in exams. In a new decree imposed by a city college, a student is fined if he or she fails to score good marks. And absentees are levied a bigger fine.

The IFIM Business School’s notice board reads, “All students of BBM, BCom, BA (Journalism) and BCA programmes are advised to prepare for the exams with sincerity and seriousness. Absentees for the above exams will be imposed a fine of Rs 500 per subject. Those who fail to secure 45 per cent of marks in the exams will have to pay a fine of Rs 200.” While the notice has startled the students, the principal said the decision is to bring in seriousness about the mid-term exams as the students take it too lightly.

Speaking to Bangalore Mirror, the principal of the college, Dr M S Lakshminarayan, said, “This was a move to bring seriousness among students regarding exams. I noticed that most of the students were not taking mid-term exams seriously. They either skipped or would attend just for the sake of attending it. This means, a student can walk out of the exam without writing anything and hand over blank sheets. So, I thought that imposing a fine of Rs 500 would be a good idea to discipline such students.”

But why not let the guardians know about it? “Most of our students are from North India and their parents are usually unaware of exams,” the principal reasoned.

Does the fine rule work? According to the principal, the attendance in exams has gone up. “Since the fine is imposed, I’ve seen more than 91 per cent attendance in exams. Before, it was way less than that. The fine acts as a deterrent though we have not collected any money so far.”
Students claim that the college collects too many fines on various pretexts. They are also not happy with the new rule. “What if a student is genuinely not well during exams and could not write? I do not think it is fair to collect fine in such cases,” said one of the students. Another said, “Every student prepares well to score good marks in exam. However, if we score below 45 per cent due to some genuine problem, imposing fine is not a good idea.”

Imposing fine is nothing new in the IFIM Business School. The college started imposing Rs 100 as fine for late-coming students. Students alleged that at times, the principal personally stands in front of the gate at 9.30 am and notes down the names of late students in his register.

While questioned on this fine, the principal asserted, “Punctuality is essential for students. I have seen pupils walking casually even after 9.30 am. So, we had to impose fine for late comers. I think it is working as students are now coming on time.” Tx he fine for late-coming goes to the student council.

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