Open Urdu Academy branches in City, Guv tells govt

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Bangalore, Oct 19: Governor H R Bhardwaj on Friday directed the State government to restore the Urdu Academy by opening its branches in Bangalore and Mysore.

He was addressing a gathering that included Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and Minister for Minority Qamar-ul Islam, on the occasion of All India Urdu Manch at the banquet hall of Raj Bhavan.

“People tend to forget their own people when they come to power,” he said, adding that Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is, however, “secular to the core, hardworking and is sensitive to the public. He will take care of every section of society.”
His comments followed former chairperson of Urdu Academy Khalil Mamoon’s criticism against the Kannada and Culture department of ignoring Urdu. Mamoon said: “The department has no connection with any other culture. Whenever we went there seeking assistance, it only posed impediments in our way. It is a case where the needy never demanded and the givers never gave.”

He also said that Tulu and other languages were given priority while the second largest language was always ignored. He rued that the Urdu litterateurs from Karnataka were never honoured with Rajyotsava award.

“You organise numerous events such as Bangalore Habba, festivals and Rajyotsava, but you never give importance to events such as Kawwali, Mushayara and other programmes that could promote Urdu language,” he said, urging for appointment of people from minority community to the Information and Intelligence departments.

Bhardwaj, in his speech later, said that he always wanted to see proposals coming from the government to have something for Urdu. “When we donate so much of land and money for various institutions, why not the government approve some land for the Urdu Academy too?” he said.

The Governor, who is also Chancellor of Universities, said he appointed members of Muslim community as vice chancellor of Kuvempu University in Shimoga and Tumkur University. The Universities have been told to give representations to the community in their Syndicate, he added.

Speaking on the occasion earlier, Siddaramaiah termed Urdu one of the most beautiful languages and the fourth largest language spoken by 450 million people. “In Karnataka, Urdu is treated as sister language because we have borrowed a lot of words from Urdu, particularly in administration,” he said.

The governor released a book ‘Ghalib: Maani Aafrini, Jadalyaati Waza, Shunyata Aur Shaeryaat’ (Ghalib: Meanings, Dialectical Outlook, Shunyata and Poetics), authored by Gopi Chand Narang, Prof Emeritus, Delhi Jamia Millia Universites. In the absence of Narang, Urdu litterateur Chandarbhan Khayal read out his message.

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