Bellary Road: 12 km in just 50 minutes!

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Bangalore, September 26:  The distance between Infantry Road and Manyata Embassy Business Park (popularly known as Manyata Tech Park) is a mere 12 km. Google’s navigation mobile app states that the 12-km route could be covered in 28 minutes.

The app suggested that we take the T. Chowdiah Road, proceed ahead to Mehkri Circle, then straight to Hebbal flyover, take the left wing leading to Outer Ring Road junction and go straight ahead to reach Manyata Tech Park.

Confident that the ride would be hassle-free and covered within half-an-hour, we start off on a two-wheeler during peak hour. At 9.30 a.m., we are confronted with heavy traffic at the signal at Balekundri Circle. As we inched ahead of other motorists on Cunningham Road, the underpass from Cunningham Road to T. Chowdiah Road was closed for repairs.

Taking a left at Le Meridien and a U-turn near Basava Bhavan to get on to T. Chowdiah Road took us more than 10 minutes as we were donfronted with vehicles proceeding towards Raj Bhavan and beyond. After spending few more minutes crawling with the other vehicles, we are able to reach Cauvery junction at 9.50 a.m.

The mandatory right above the magic box underpass at the junction slows us down further. The little time we caught up while zipping down the road from Windsor Manor junction is lost here. Most vehicles are forced to slow down and take a right to get back on Bellary Road to proceed towards Mehkri Circle. With buses and SUVs revving up and inching forward, many two-wheeler riders are forced to squeeze between these vehicles to get ahead.

Beyond this point, we do not encounter much traffic. With no signals, traffic movement was smooth. We were left wondering what the fuss about heavy traffic was all about as we took little time to reach the Hebbal flyover at 10 a.m. We had covered a distance of less than 10 km in half-an-hour.

Just as we got off the flyover to reach the Outer Ring Road junction, we are forced to reconsider our opinion about no traffic problems. As we near Lumbini Gardens, the traffic is bumper to bumper. By the time we reach Manyata Tech Park, it is 10.20 a.m.

Most vehicles are headed towards the service road to take a left into Manyata Tech Park. There is a continuous stream of vehicles heading into the campus. Most vehicles are single occupant cars. Contrary to Google’s projection, the 12-km ride took us just 10 minutes short of an hour! With car pooling still not popular, the traffic congestion here is understandable.

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