Devotees say it with Ganesha tattoos

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BANGALORE: Tattoos have always been a form of self-expression, and the festive season is no exception. As religious fervour grips the city ahead of Ganesha Chaturthi, many are rushing to tattoo parlours to get themselves inked with images of the elephant god.

Tattoo artists say though the trend is not new during festivals, this season has witnessed a higher demand for the art. Some parlours are even offering the service at 50% discount.

Senthil G, a tattoo artist from Indiranagar, says he has got five customers so far. Though Shiva is the favoured deity among tattoo lovers, Ganesha trumps his father during the festival.

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The demand for tattoos is not restricted to youngsters, says Girish, a tattoo artist on Church Street. Even homemakers proudly sport representations of Ganesha. It’s their way of connecting to god, he says. Girish has tattooed five persons during the weekend. Ganesha representations embedded with the word Om are popular among tattoo aficionados, Girish adds.

Pradeep Menon, another tattoo artist, said he has already tattooed 10 people with Ganesha images this season. Shailesh Gopi said during the last week he has tattoed 15 people with Ganesha representations. According to Gopi, man like their tattoo Ganeshas to be decked up in ornaments.

Sunil Sangali (30), a software engineer, who got himself inked two days before the festival, says: “This is my way of worshiping and paying respect to the lord.”

Jaydev (name changed), a sales manager with an insurance company, who sports a Ganesha tattoo on his shoulder, agrees: “Getting a tattoo during the festive season is an expression of one’s faith.”

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