Happiest countries of the world – UAE stands 14th globally on UN’s ‘World Happiness Report’

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UAE happiest Arab country, 14th globally on UN’s ‘World Happiness Report’

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has lauded the country’s achievement of happiness for Emiratis which he said was the result of the approach followed by the founding fathers of the UAE, a vision in all government sectors, levels and institutions as well as the manner of work that governs all policies and decisions.

Sheikh Mohammed was commenting on the results of the United Nation’s second ‘World Happiness Report’, which shows that the UAE tops the list of the happiest Arab countries and ranks 14th globally.

“Achieving happiness, welfare and dignified living for nationals and their families is the preoccupation of the President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

“This [ranking] would not have been possible without the efforts of sincere men, excellent teamwork and full coordination and integration between all local and federal government sectors.

“Our goal is to achieve the happiness of our people, and their satisfaction is the gauge of our success. All development plans that we approved, all initiatives that we launched and all the government policies and laws, have one common goal: achieving the happiness of our people.

“What we have already achieved is only the first stage, which will be followed by more work and achievements in order to become one of the world’s best countries, God willing.

“Countries can only be built with happy and satisfied people. Happiness of individuals is only the start for a stable, productive and safe society. That is why relevant international organisations started to review the real yardstick for the success of governments and to increasingly focus on measuring the satisfaction and happiness of people as the main way towards sustainable development,” Sheikh Mohammed added.

Underscoring the importance of embracing this yardstick by all government officials, he said, “We gave directives to all government teams, during the recent Government Summit, that they should make their decisions and policies based on one goal, which is making society happy.

“No doubt happiness and satisfaction is something psychological for individuals, but the government’s mission is to provide dignified living and welfare for its citizens, to make life easy for them as well as to create opportunities for them to achieve happiness for themselves and for their families.

“All this requires, among other things, joint efforts and policies and laws that are suitable for society, achieving security, justice and safety, taking care of underprivileged groups and the continuous development of infrastructure. This cannot be achieved without having clear-cut plans and excellent teams and taking the best advantage of the resources that are available to us.

“We will continue to serve our country, achieve happiness for our sons and to invest all that we have to prepare people to make them able, strong, and skilled enough to achieve success. I say to all our people: be hopeful because we all overcame a lot of challenges in the past, and because our present is full of achievements, and our future is promising and is based on the highest ambitions,” concluded Sheikh Mohammed.

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