‘I want to rescue my pigeons’

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YousufBangalore, August 20:  In the midst of the operation launched by the Fire and Emergency Services personnel to rescue labourers trapped in the six-storey building that collapsed in Someshwara Nagar here on Monday, 12-year-old Yousuf was frantically trying to get into his small tiled house on 25 X 20 plot adjacent to the building after they were hurriedly evacuated by the police.

Yousuf, accompanied by his friend Yogananda, made repeated attempts to enter the house by breaching the cordon, but was chased away by the police whenever he ventured near it. Yousuf was so desperate to go into the house and was ignoring warnings of his parents and neighbours. “I want to rescue my pigeons. They did not have anything since morning. Please allow me to feed them,” Yousuf was seen beseeching the police. But, the police, who were busy controlling the crowd, heard none of it.

Holding the feed firmly in his fist, Yousuf was in no mood to give up. “I bought eight pigeons with the money I saved with great difficulty and have been looking after them for the past three months. Three of them are young ones. They might have been scared with so much of brouhaha. I desperately want to take them out,” he said.

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