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    What is form No.11B for which property we can get from panchayat

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    i am about to buy a land with 9/11 katha. Can some one advice me on this please?

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    D R Rakesh

    How much is the renewal charges for taxes in gram panchayat limit as we have manufacturing unit at Tavarekere limits,they are asking 250 per HP and per square feet 350 as renewal charges,
    pl advice, also what are other taxes we have to pay to gram panchayat,they have disconnected street light from approach road to layout,they blame Bescom when asked Bescom they point towards Panchayat,no drinking water facitility, no tar road ,power they cut at their will now we have started recording the timing from 2 days,


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    Ganesh. U

    What is form No.11B for which property we can get from panchayat

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    Visit village panchayat

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    I want to know E-Khata is it necessary for the property and where can i find the website about the procedure

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    I have KHATA from gramtana I want to have E KHATA PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW

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      Give an application to your jurisdiction Gramapanchayat, with below documents.
      pass port size photo
      Photo of property
      Sale deed
      Present katha extract
      receipt of tax paid
      for more info. Contact your Gram Panchayat official.

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    Is it possible to view our e khata in any of the govt web site? if yes could you please let me know from which website we can check our e khata


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    when would gram panchayat provides Form 9 and 11? Hope one can get the registration in case if above 2 forms are ready now.

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      when would gram panchayat provides Form 9 and 11?
      Grama panchayat will issue the when your property is having katha under jurisdiction of Grama Panchayats.

      you should submit computer-generated khata at the time of registration to prevent fraudulent transactions.

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    Hanumantharaya H

    this government issue the all subregister in karnataka form no9 and 11 is compulsory but some properties is allenated by DC but plan not approved the town planning authorities how can this properties sale or purchase

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