Mavallipura landfill may reopen soon

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Bangalore, August 1, 2013: A year after its closure, the Mavallipura landfill site will soon be operational.

Sources in the BBMP said Ramky Environ Engineers is coming out with a waste-to-energy project, which burns almost 90 per cent of waste with least emission. The rest of the waste will be used for making ‘environment-friendly’ bricks.

The landfill was closed a year ago by the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) owing to violations of environmental norms. The operator of the landfill, Ramky Environ Engineers, was accused of ignoring the sentiments of local residents. For nearly five to six years, residents of Mavallipura and surrounding areas agitated against the landfill in their backyard stating that it was making their lives miserable. They alleged that the leachates flowing into a nearby tank was polluting the ground water, which resulted in chronic diseases to many people. During rainy season, the leachate mixed water from the tank would flow to a nearby reservoir, which supplies water to Bangalore, they had stated. Last year, the KSPCB heeded the agitation by the locals and ordered the closure of the landfill.

Swiss technology

Taking lesson from the past, the BBMP is exercising caution while restarting the landfill this time.

The sources said, Ramky Environ Engineers has shown the Palike officials a Switzerland model of garbage disposal, where the waste generated on a daily basis will be burnt in a scientific manner with less emission to generate at least 30 mega watts of power. Along with generating power by burning waste, the firm will bio-mine the mountain of garbage, dumped at Mavallipura for almost 13 years. After the Palike officers were convinced that it would be environment friendly, they gave a go-ahead to the project.

The firm, in its proposal to the BBMP, said the Rs 150-crore project requires heavy machinery for which it may have to avail loan. The firm has already approached some bankers to finance the project, said the sources.

Tipping charges

As per the terms and conditions, Palike will have to supply about 1,000 tonnes of waste on a daily basis to generate power. The Palike has also agreed to pay a tipping charge of Rs 144 per tonne, which will amount to Rs 1.44 lakh on a daily basis. Every three years, the BBMP will have to revise the tipping charges by at least ten per cent.

The sources added that the proposal has been sent to the State government for clearance but the Finance Department has raised some objections, for which the BBMP has sent a reply.

“We have sent our reply to the Finance Department. After it is convinced, it will clear the project, paving way for operating the waste-to-energy project,” said a senior BBMP officer.

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