Subsidy helps make more movies

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The government has decided to increase its subsidy to the Kannada film industry. The subsidy that used to benefit 75 films, will now aid 100 films (80% of all Kannada films benefit). A study titled ‘Programme of Subsidy (Incentives) for ‘Value Based Quality Films’ in Karnataka: An Impact Assessment’ – by sociologist Prof GK Karanth of ISEC finds the subsidy has increased the number of films produced and enabled greater representation for Kannada cinema at national and international competitions.

“Kannada films have fared well at the national level when compared to other regional language films. In the Indian Panorama sections, its record appears to be even better when compared to South Indian regional films,” says the study.

However, the study also shows the subsidy has less effect on the content of films produced, highlighting increasing adult content over the years and concludes that content remains market-driven.


· Government support for greater exhibition of Kannada films at movie theatres

· Additional entertainment tax from non-Kannada films to help resolve problems of Kannada cinema

· Evolve certain minimum standards for acceptable quality

· Slab-based support for films, inversely proportional to commercial success

· Regular assessment of socio-cultural impact of film and TV viewing upon different sections of society

· Linking subsidy amount to production costs: lower the cost, higher the subsidy

· Review subsidy to historical films that enforce negative gender and social stereotypes

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