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mountainBangalore, July 1;An exhibition of travel photography by hobby photographers and some hobbyists-turned-professionals at Galerie Crescent titled UnderXposed has on display refreshing collection of photographs from the many perspectives that travel throws up.

UnderXposed organized by Sachin in association with Hasta Gallery Projects, features seven photographers, Kodanda Ram, Snehal Kanodia, Pradeep Nair, Pradeep B.R., Madhusudhan Muthuraj, Siddarth Vaidyanathan, Sandeep Rajshekar, each displaying their explorations in different parts of the country.

The sculptures in the various cave temples in India, attract Muthuraj, who captures lit corridors of sculptures at dusk, creating an enchanting effect. Sandeep Rajashekar captures the temples at Ajantha and Ellora, playing with the way sunlight falls on the temples and illuminates parts of the relief.

“I have always been passionate about heritage and about ancient structures. What struck me at Ajantha and Ellora was the stillness and peace amidst the sculptures, over which sunlight creates special effects,” says Sandeep.

Pradeep B.R, Pradeep Nair, Kodanda Ram and Madhusudhan capture landscapes, each from different perspectives.

Vast skies with puffy white clouds over dramatic landscapes captivate Madhusudhan’s lens. He photographs an expanse of grass with an even broader expanse of sky above, or a lone shelter atop bare hills against a blue sky with pockets of clouds.

Pradeep B.R, shares the beauty of the Himalayan landscapes with its vast snowy peaks reflecting golden sunlight while the moon is still visible in a gradient blue sky and barren expanses dotted with bright tents. Or the brown valleys filled with colourful houses that look like little bright toys.

“In this series, I have tried to showcase life on Mt. Everest base camp in Nepal. The beauty of the colourful tents against the snowy landscape, always makes me wonder. I also wanted to show that one needn’t go to Switzerland to witness the beauty of snowy peaks. India is just as beautiful,” says Pradeep.

Snehal Kanodia captures people from and against interesting backgrounds, whether in the cut-off Baltistan region or a Buddhist monastery.

She taps the charming innocence in the boy posing with a deer mask, the little girl in blue frock posing for a photograph with her sister, smiling away for the camera or the woman in her veil willing to sit for a photograph against the diktats of her faith.

UnderXposed will remain on view until July 5 at Gallery Crescent, Nalapad’s Hotel Bangalore International, Crescent Road, High Grounds. For details, contact 98863 49811.

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