A wondrous wall of sound

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Tahrir mtrioBANGALORE, June 30;Breathless, speechless and craving for more. That was how Trio HNG left their audience during their recital at Alliance Francaise. Organized by National Centre for the Performing Arts in collaboration with the International Music & Arts Society, the stage lit up with Hugues Borsarello on the violin, Nicolas Bone on the viola and Gauthier Herrmann on the cello.

The musical history they share was displayed at their enchanting recital. With their fingers swiftly moving along the fret board, echoing waves cascading down a waterfall.

The shrill and notes, the deep notes, the string plucking were all done with outstanding coordination.

The pieces they chose to play were string trios by Beethoven, and Haycinthe Jadin. Herrmann explained, “While Beethoven was composing his string trios, a young composer in France, Jadin was also composing music for the same instrumental combination. However, fewer people know him because he died at the age of 24. We, however, feel his music is to be celebrated”.

And broadcasted indeed they were – to a hall packed with music enthusiasts from across the city, all mesmerized and silenced by the movement of the bows across the instruments which sounded a symphony even to the untrained ear. The syncopation with repeated chords, the variation and sequences of the sonata form all added to the incredible orchestral atmosphere at the auditorium.

While the audience on one hand were enraptured by the artists, the artists too were thrilled with their audience. Borsarello, whose repertoire includes string quartets said: “The audience was beyond amazing tonight. There were no disturbances, just pin-drop silence. This shows how attentive they are to our music, and makes me want to play more often for our Indian audience”. Bone, who established the Arties Festival in India in 2008 further added, “The Indian audience is a delight to play for. Our next step will probably be collaborating with traditional Indian music artists and try to create a contemporary piece. Why only music, we might even try out an initiative to combine western classical music to the Indian classical dance forms!”

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