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The novel dream

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coverJune 19:Suddenly it seems that everyone has had a writing habit since childhood, like the latest novelist on the block, Anupam Dasgupta author of Salsa. “I have been writing ever since I was a child, I have had poetry published in The Telegraph, Kolkata and have been published in magazines, journals and webzines. I continued writing now and then to exercise my creativity where I took real life anecdotes and put it on paper.”

That was the beginning of Salsa, his debut novel, it was an anecdote that he expanded to a novel, “I started learning Salsa and enjoyed it as a form of social interaction and expression of self. It is also a vey passionate dance and it would provide the right sort of sauce and spice for a novel,” says the author.

The novel follows a meet-part-meet pattern with a series of co-incidences that has been bound by Salsa. Anupam is a regular in the salsa circle, “You go there and dance, meet new people, catch up with old friends. We are people who have regular lives and salsa gives us a high, it’s a lot of fun and mental stimulant.”

Anupam is a readers’ writer, “six months down the line I will see what people felt, and may be change themes and tweak my style accordingly. I would like to cater to the readers’ likes and dislikes.” And while he is primarily driven by the passion to write he would also like to keep a tab on the reader, “The reader should enjoy reading my book, I would like to be friends with them and connect with them.”

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